Monday, March 11, 2013

The best laid plans...

      So much for my plan to get myself motivated by using this blog!  We did, however, have a lovely snow day Friday and so I decided to spend my day organizing photos and getting ready to get moving on my scrapbooking!  I have tons of pages to get around to for all of my boys' albums, two baby "gift" albums, a wedding album, many invitations, thank you cards, birthday cards, and baby announcements... the list of paper craft projects just goes on and on.  Sadly, the longer the list gets, the more I tend to shy away from starting on it all.   I did managed to organize 9+ months of photos I had developed of the boys.  In doing so I realized I haven't developed any pictures since September so I have even more pictures than I thought that still need to be printed, labeled, and scrapped.   I finally decided to label all my loose pictures and put them in albums so that I can better see what I want to scrap and at least it looks organized in the meantime.  It's such a time consuming process though and I really need to find a better system. 
      I did wake up early this morning; I know many people complain about the time change but I just LOVE it!  I was up an hour earlier than normal and yet my boys slept later than usual so I had tons of time to myself this morning and labeled a few more pictures then turned to some scrapbooking.  I got a bunch of pages done in just under an hour.  I am loving my new color coordinated paper system as I am quickly able to find just the right paper for each page! 
The only thing left do on the cast page is to write up the journaling; I often wait until many of my pages need  journaling and then type them up on the computer all at once.  I used an old olive background paper with some red and gray accent papers.   I used black velvet ribbon and some stickers of a cast and x-ray to accent the page. 
For the Knight page I used a printed blue background paper with navy blue and gray accents.  I had some Knight stickers and hand wrote some journaling. 

For this graduation page I tried using some of the printed paper I had left over from my DCWV paper stack.  I have a hard time using pages that are printed like this but really wanted to try anyway.  I had some graduation stickers so I put the hat on the bee and used the diploma to break up the title words that I cut out using my Cricut and the Alphalicious set. 
I used an orange/tan printed background paper with some teal and navy accent papers to make this birthday party page.  I will have to journal later but don't plan on adding any other accents; I love the pictures and think they speak for themselves.  I was lucky enough to find this left over birthday sticker that matched the colors on the page and used that for my title. 

This page is waiting for the picture and journaling.  My youngest son ended up with stitches last week and I took a picture of him that I want to put on this page.  I used an orange printed background with some red and blue printed accent pages that I found in my scrap bin.  I pulled most of the colors from the "going to the doctor" sticker.  I decided to add the black netting to the background to ground the photo since it's just a 4x6 on a 12x12 page.  This black netting was carried by Stampin Up! but is now discontinued.  I'm bummed; I loved this product and owned it in many colors!   

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