Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just one!

I am so excited that I've managed to work in my craft room for two whole days in a row!  I have so many things in there that I should be doing it's hard to focus and just get things done.  

Today, I managed to get a few more pictures labeled and into albums and then worked for quite some time on just one scrapbook page.  

It's a simple page but I just LOVE how it came out.  

I typically take tons of photos and it's hard to fit them all on a page and have it still look neat.  I often use a  6 x 12" strip of paper and fold it into thirds to hold three photos but today I thought I'd use two! I used my Cricut to cut out the first letter of each word and then used my marker (with the fine line tip) to finish the words in cursive.  I used 4 brads to hold the title strip in place and used a bit of satin ribbon to make a pull tab for each photo holder. 

With them folded shut

With both flaps opened up 

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