Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Butterfly Mania

    For my baby sister's wedding present she requested a scrapbook (as if I'd do anything else anyway!).  I knew I needed to incorporate a lot of butterflies and I tried to include touches of paper or ribbon to match our bridesmaid dresses.  The dresses were a pretty teal- blue color called peacock.  It is not an easy color to match!  I found wedding scrapbooking a bit more challenging than baby scrapbooking, mostly I'm sure since I don't do wedding scrapbooks very often, but I still loved the completed project. 

engagement pictures

Jack and Jill collage

I LOVE these vellum butterflies!

First dance

The toast-- complete with rhinestone bubbles in the champagne!

I love the cake page-- I used a butterfly punch, white paper and pearls for an added little touch

reception photos

The honeymoon

Monday, October 28, 2013

Map storage

    Anytime we go to an amusement park I try to save some park maps to use in scrapbooking.  I love that in the past 8 years or so that we've been traveling off and on to Disney that we have been able to see the parks change a bit here and there.  It's a great keepsake but I always have a bit of trouble finding a cute map storage layout... well not this year!  I LOVE my map pages so much I only made two versions (even though I did make four pages!).  I try never to copy my designs from one album to the next but I seriously loved these pages so much I didn't care! 

I wished I could've used my Cricut for his shorts too but my Cricut only cuts up to a 6" shape so I freehand drew the shape on the back of the red paper before cutting out... makes Mickey look a bit chunky but I still love it!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sometimes you just gotta Lego!

    My boys love Downtown Disney-- mostly because of the Lego store.  It is pretty amazing and so much fun too!  Here are a few pages I made for the boys albums. 
These amazing characters are all made out of tiny Lego pieces! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's begning to look a lot like Christmas...

....everywhere I go.  OK, it's not actually looking like Christmas yet, but I do have lots of friends who love the holiday and like to remind me of who many more days, weeks and month we have until the big day.  My sister in law is starting a new crafting venture and asked me to be a crafter for the month of November.  I have many types of crafts I like to dabble in but I am most comfortable with making cards and scrapbook pages.  I finally decided to do up a bunch of Christmas cards.  I figured if nothing sold I'd have most of my Christmas cards done!  I then had to decide if I wanted to sell the cards individually or in a set, if I wanted them all the same or different, how much I was going to sell them for, etc.  I think pricing is the hardest thing to decide!  I like my cards but I'm honest enough to realize other people spend hours longer than I do making really beautiful and intricate cards.  I'm not an intricate detail kind of person, but I want to make sure I charge enough to cover the cost of the materials and the time I do spend making them.  I thought I'd find the actual card making a bit stressful knowing I was going to be selling them but I love how they all came out!  I hope you do too!  So here's a little sneak peak of all my holiday cards. 

I decided on sets of four and some are mixed batches

Some sets of four are all the same (don't you love
 the little shine of the rhinestones?!)

Love the sweet bunny! 

Another mixed set

The last mixed set

Typhoon Lagoon

     Here are some recently scrapped pages of our Disney trip.  I have four different layouts for what really amounts to the same photos since I am crazy.  No seriously, I am.  Not only do I have individual scrapbooks for each of the boys but I also keep a family album so when we go on family vacation I often have to scrap each event, day, or activity four times.  That calls for four times the work and effort, four times the creativity and four times the supplies!  But I LOVE how the pages came out!  In keeping with the theme of Typhoon Lagoon everything looks tropical and "beachy" (I know that isn't even a real word but it completely describes what I mean!).  Hope you enjoy! 

I think my favorite part of the page was the
journaling around the waves

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Another new baby

   I have a sister in law who is expecting her third child soon and this time she's having a boy!  She already has two older girls and, of course, I just had to make them a scrapbook.  I used many premade "baby boy" scrapbook papers and coordinated them with little embellishments and solid colored paper.  I just LOVE how this album came out.  I usually try to limit myself to 4x6 photo blocks only but this time I branched out and used various sizes. I then labeled the paper so they would know what size to develop the photos to fit on each page (or how to cut them down with a paper cutter).  I'm sorry these aren't the best photos, but they didn't look this dark when I first took them! 

He's finally here

How cute is that?

Monkey around

Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails...

Owl always love you (I think this was my FAVORITE page!)

father and son

First steps (you can't see the little feet that are embossed on the blue background paper.. )

Boys, noise, and toys

roll, sit, crawl and stand page

Hanging out with my sisters

A mother's love

sleep tight

sweet baby boy

bath time

baby boy