Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's begning to look a lot like Christmas...

....everywhere I go.  OK, it's not actually looking like Christmas yet, but I do have lots of friends who love the holiday and like to remind me of who many more days, weeks and month we have until the big day.  My sister in law is starting a new crafting venture and asked me to be a crafter for the month of November.  I have many types of crafts I like to dabble in but I am most comfortable with making cards and scrapbook pages.  I finally decided to do up a bunch of Christmas cards.  I figured if nothing sold I'd have most of my Christmas cards done!  I then had to decide if I wanted to sell the cards individually or in a set, if I wanted them all the same or different, how much I was going to sell them for, etc.  I think pricing is the hardest thing to decide!  I like my cards but I'm honest enough to realize other people spend hours longer than I do making really beautiful and intricate cards.  I'm not an intricate detail kind of person, but I want to make sure I charge enough to cover the cost of the materials and the time I do spend making them.  I thought I'd find the actual card making a bit stressful knowing I was going to be selling them but I love how they all came out!  I hope you do too!  So here's a little sneak peak of all my holiday cards. 

I decided on sets of four and some are mixed batches

Some sets of four are all the same (don't you love
 the little shine of the rhinestones?!)

Love the sweet bunny! 

Another mixed set

The last mixed set

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