Friday, February 22, 2013

Organization is the key

        Looking to "neaten" up my craft room I've been searching Pinterest for ideas and inspiration for creating my perfect space.  Sometimes I spend what feels like hours searching for the right color or pattern on a paper to go with the photos for a scrapbook page, or I'll end up ordering a tool, stamp set, or embellishment & end up realizing I already own it!  I thought my craft room was pretty well organized but it has never been "perfect."  In the beginning I was just to happy to have one I didn't mind that I didn't have much money left to spend on organizing it and I made do with bins and containers I found around the house.  Here we are several years later and I don't think I've purchased anything to help organize it yet.  I have, however, purchased a lot more "stuff" and now the room is looking very unorganized.  While I am usually pretty messy while I'm crafting and often thrive in the chaos it's starting to get to me.  Especially when I start looking around at other people's blogs, magazine articles and Pinterest.  I've poured through room after room, idea after idea, looking for those that really get me excited.  Here are some of my favorite inspirations:

  1.  Nicohol's Craft Studio; not all that surprising since all her stuff comes from Pottery Barn and while I LOVE that catalog and their stuff I'm never willing to spend that much money.
  2. Scrap- therapy:  Honestly as I looked through her blog, I just loved her whole house!  But I loved the idea of taking apart all stamp sets & putting them together by theme NOT by set! She also unmounted all wood sets to use as clear mount and gave instructions; something I'm toying with as a space saver 
  3. My scraproom by features rooms all the time-- I loved the inks and punches all lined up and easy to see/ use        
  4. Dragonfly Dreams:  what can I say? Her space is totally Dreamy!

       Taking a page from almost ALL the rooms I looked at I decided to tackle one small corner of the room today.  My 12x 12 scrapbooking papers.  I decided to color code all my paper this morning.  It took a little over an hour as I even went through all my bound "books" of paper like DCWV (Die cuts with a view) and pulled them apart page by page.  I thought it might get tough when they were heavily printed but I had read on one blog where she decided what stack to put it in based on what color she'd most likely use (or the color that inspired her to buy it).  It ended up being fairly simple as most pages had a color or two that really stood out.  I did keep a few "themes" separate though; Disney, Halloween, Christmas, and Wedding.  I did that only with paper that could not possibly be used as anything else.  If it was Disney paper but was just colors, dots or stripes I mixed it in with the color stacks but if it had a character on it or a ride pictured on it I left it in it's own stack (same goes for Christmas, Halloween, and Wedding).   I love how it looked in the end and used my label maker to further organize.   I think this should help cut down on the time I spend looking for just the right paper... if not at least it looks pretty!

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