Friday, February 28, 2014

Breakfast with Friends... Disney friends

   I've  been working on these Lilo and Stitch pages for three days.  I'm not sure why it's taking me so long but I finally finished a few of them! 

I think this one is my favorite!  Alec only wanted to meet Lilo and Stitch since he had already met
Mickey and Pluto at Chef Mickey so I didn't have a ton of photos with him in it.  I was
able to assemble a single page for his book.  I had this brown sandal/ flower paper and I loved
the colors in it.  I mounted each of the photos onto blue and then orange.  Once assembled on my page
I added a blue title cut from my Life's A Beach cartridge.  I cut two more titles in orange and gold to get
the layers for the flower on the title.  I then cut three flip flop boarders out of blue, orange and gold also to get my flip flop embellishments.  I also cut two Plumeria flowers; one orange and one blue and then used the layers feature to cut out the gold and orange and blue enhancements.  Once I had assembled all the flip flops and flowers and had them on my page in a
way I liked I went through and added a bit of shading using my two way markers.  I love how much they pop now!
Evan's Lilo and Stitch page looked adorable with the bright sunshine paper behind each of the pictures that I layered on the orange paper.  I cut a gold bar to go across the photos at the bottom and used the From My Kitchen cartridge to cut out the breakfast title in orange.  I finished off the page with a few Lilo & Stitch stickers.  

I was not happy with this double page spread but could not figure out what else to do with it.  I had given up on it and put it into the album when inspiration struck.  My Life's a Beach cartridge was out & the book was open on my desk.  I noticed that the picture showing was the same leaf as the ones on Lilo's dress.. 

so I cut out 8 white leaves in a size 3 and tucked them in among the photos and stickers.  I LOVE the page now.

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